We’re here to shine.

I’m Coco Cockerille, certified Life Coach, and my goal is to help you turn up your shine and live boldly.

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One session—$125

This is a stand-alone session for when you have something you’d like to handle right here and now.


Six-session package $750

With six sessions within eight weeks, we can plan and focus on what you want to accomplish or simply work on.


Twelve-session package—$1500

With twelve sessions within fifteen weeks, we can make the most of focus and momentum.


Coco Cockerille

Let’s polish up your shine so you can life the life you mean to live instead of working around the life you’ve gotten used to.

My goal is to lead you to the you that’s been there all along but you’ve set aside for so many reasons. We simply get used to second-guessing and talking over our intuition, but all isn’t lost, and it’s not to late to re-route.

For years I’ve been writing over on my hippie mom blog (called The Shiny Butter Blog) and journeying toward the slow and slumber-y awakening of human consciousness. In the process of rethinking habits and paradigms that no longer serve us, I became a certified life coach in order to help fellow humans with everyday challenges, big-picture navigations, and even the conscious-opening times we live in.

So let’s talk about what’s on your mind and get you in touch with the bold and shining you.

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