Your life is pretty good–now let’s make it great.

I’m Coco Cockerille, and i love working with people who are on the verge of their next level.


One session: $225

This is a stand-alone, 60-minute private coaching session. You’re free to schedule one of these any time you’d like, depending on availability. Note: This is a no-pressure coaching session, as I will never pressure you to re-schedule another session.


Three months: $2700

This is three months of private coaching: twelve sessions (60 minutes each) that will take place within fifteen weeks. This package offers the convenience of not having to re-schedule after each session, as well as assurance of securing the dates and times you prefer.


six months: $5400

This is six months of private coaching: twenty-four sessions (60 minutes each) taking place within thirty weeks. As with the three-month package package, this gives you the convenience of scheduling ahead of time, as well as the assurance of securing your prefered meeting times and dates.


Coco Cockerille

Hi there, I’m Coco (Suzannah L.) Cockerille. Great to “meet you” here.

Let’s get together and talk about creating the life the life you mean to live rather than working around the life you’ve gotten used to.

My goal is to lead you to the you that’s been there all along but you’ve set aside for so many reasons.

For years I’ve been writing over on my hippie mom blog (called The Shiny Butter Blog) and journeying along as part of the slow and slumber-y awakening of human consciousness. In the process of rethinking habits and paradigms that no longer serve us, I became a certified life coach in order to help fellow humans with everyday challenges, big-picture navigations, and even the subtle stuff, like being part of the consciousness-opening times we’re living in.

So let’s talk about what’s on your mind and get you in touch with the bold and shining you.

Contact me, or schedule a session: